Transplant Activity with Asia University of Japan’s Student

In continuation of the “3 Plants and 1 Graduate” tree planting campaign, on 24 September (Saturday), UCSI-SDG Secretariat Office has done transplant activity with the students from Asia University of Japan and DR. Ikhram from the Faculty of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts, UCSI University. The purpose of the transplant activity is to help ensure a healthy root system and better quality for the plants to grow.

Transplant Activity 1
Putting the wet soil into the new nursery bag

After transplanting the saplings, students help to tie up the QR Code to the sapling that contained the information about the sapling.

Transplant Activity 2
Student helps to tie up the printed QR code to the tree
Transplant Activity 3
The QR Code for the transplanted saplings
Transplant Activity 4
Finished transplanting the saplings