Future Casting

Congratulations, Dr Alan!

“Future Casting” subject, one of the General Study subjects has integrated sustainability components as part of its content. The launching took place this semester, where Ms Norani, our SDG Office Executive Director ran a 1.5-hour lecture. The lecture was followed by hands-on activities from 12 to 13 March 2020 at the South Wing area of UCSI University. Around 50 to 70 students who were taking this subject participated in a gardening project. Others who could not make it due to heavy rain and COVID-19 quarantine will participate on some other days.

The students have helped to ‘transform’ the space behind Block D into a nice little garden. Our appreciation goes out to Mr Chua, The Blue Ribbon’s Permaculture trainer for volunteering his time to assist with the group work.

Due to current Movement Control Order (MCO), the next lecture will be conducted online, where your 12-day fieldwork will also involve your own residential space. Let’s hope we can continue to learn despite the circumstances.

Congratulations to all students who have done the gardening work during this session!

Figure 1 Trees planted by students during the gardening session.
Figure 2 Group photo with students involved in 'Future Casting' Subject.