Youth Beyond Boundaries

Youth Beyond Boundaries (YBB) is a fraternity that turns game-changing ideas into consequential outcomes. Purposed to empower UCSI University scholars with holistic development, YBB connects prodigious students with movers and shakers in Malaysia and beyond. To date, we have hosted town hall sessions with ministers, industry leaders, community champions and sports icons. We want our scholars to learn from the best and we expand our network so they will expand theirs. Above all, YBB seeks to give back to the greater community. From serving underprivileged communities to environmental campaigns, our scholars stand firmer…



This initiative has provided students to garner leadership experience through their various involvement under the main focus areas of YBB:

– Youth and Development
– Environment
– Community
– Entrepreneurship

Student Affairs & Alumni

The SAA Office at UCSI University provides and enhances the students’ educational experiences at with diverse opportunities for practical experience through co-curricular activities. These activities provide valuable hands-on experience for leadership and character development through social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, community services and campus governance programmes.

It has an important function to help students to develop in their growth as a responsible global citizen in realizing the needs and challenges in sustainability for the environment, the community and world in general.

The UCSI Student Council is the official student representative organization in the University, made up of members from various majors and backgrounds – all of whom are dedicated to being the voice of the students while acting as a bridge between the students and the university management. Among the many functions of the Student Council, the most important include enhancing students’ rights, opportunities and general experience for each and every student regardless of where they are from. Equal opportunities are provided in event organization, the promotion of positive learning and ensuring a comfortable learning environment for all students.

More information on the ongoing activities can be accessed at:


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