The pressing needs of our global society can only be addressed through a collective global action. One of the primary acts in accomplishing this globally is through synchronizing education framework that is mapped to address these needs. Understanding the call for this urgent action, UCSI University takes a firm action to work closely with the Regional Centre of Expertise Global Network under United Nations University (UNU) to adopt The United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as an essential mean towards fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Eventually, the University also intends to reorient its education to support the five priority areas of action that were proposed by UNESCO as the roadmap for implementing the Global Action Programme (GAP) on ESD: (1) advancing policy by mainstreaming ESD, (2) transforming learning and training environments using the whole-institution approach, (3) building capacities of educators and trainers, (4) empowering and mobilizing youth, and (5) accelerating sustainable solutions at the local level.

In implementing this, UCSI University has gone an extra mile in its commitment and continuous growth in ESD by having two Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) acknowledged by UNU Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS), namely RCE Kuching and RCE Greater Kuala Lumpur. 

Moving forward, both RCE Kuching and RCE GKL are now working towards ESD implementation within its own University’s programme and upscaling various ESD programmes nationally together with their stakeholders. Within its own institution, this effort is driven through four implementation stages: Awareness, Comprehension, Action and Commitment. This effort is heightened through its annual SDG Month that takes place in June.

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Kindly write to SDG Secretariat if you need any guidance in integrating ESD into your curriculum: [email protected]

SDG with Motion Graphics, supervised by Ts. Athirah Binti Mohamed Zaini 

A wide range of insightful SDG topics can be explored from these short videos. Participating students went through research, design development, and three rounds of assessment before finalizing their projects. To grab viewer’s attention, all you need is powerful visual, intricate illustration and expressive animation. Full of nearly tangible energy, the students’ works are a great reminder that sometimes the simplest ideas make the biggest impact.