Sustainable energy for all

At EcoEnergy™ (Group 18), we believe that #PiezoElectric is where to next in enabling “Sustainable Energy for All”- one of the Sustainable Development Goal(#SDG) Goal 7 supported by #UCSI University. By upholding this ideology, every individual in UCSI University is able to deliver, access and contribute in #sustainable #energy harvesting by simply walking or driving. PiezoElectric will converts the pressurized floor or tarmac into electricity which is accessible for all via EnergyHub to charge their devices. From walking staircase, driving car, jogging around tarmac and etc., all the generated energy from Piezo will powers up street light, pedestrian light, car park system, staircase light or even charge your device. It is a form of clean, renewable and sustainable energy, without any air, noise, soil and water pollution. Conclusively, #EcoEnergy™ is born to ensure all individual of UCSI has the access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all which is essentially the SDG Goal 7.

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